What not to do during an outstation travel


Let it be any task there will be always a do’s and don’ts associated with it and it is always good to know them before doing any task as it can help us to avoid some future regrets caused due to actions done because of ignorance in handling something. Likewise, in travelling too there are things like do’s and don’ts which need to be known before and during a travel time. Even if people are not fully aware of do’s is not a problem but definitely they should know about the don’ts. Here are some don’ts to be practiced during an outstation travel.

The travel will be safe and sound when we take the necessary safety precautions. The first and foremost thing is handling of money. Never carry huge sum of money in cash, and carry it safely without attracting unwanted attentions. Don’t consume alcohol in unlimited quantities or accept drinks from stranger. Be careful with travel documents like passports, identity cards and others, have it safe and don’t keep it with the luggage as they are not safe enough. Be careful about the water and the food you consume to avoid picking up any kind of communicable disease or any other illness.

Never travel alone in late hours or in the dark in unknown alleys or streets, avoid meeting strangers in non-public locations. Don’t travel alone or in groups of dozens or more. Women need to be extra careful and can travel with men. Be careful with baggage in public places like airports, bus terminal, bars, cafes and etc. Knowing the local law, customs and culture can help a lot and save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Concealing the identity of our nationality is necessary. Being too loud and boorish can invite trouble. We should follow the rules and laws of the place in to be in sync. Thus by following these things we can have a safe and perfect travelling experience.


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