Ubud, Bali – Our love with this beautiful place on earth continues


When we look forward to a place for vacation and sightseeing on earth there are many places with ‘n’ number of visiting travel choices, however it is only few places that can genuinely give you what you were seeking as a traveler like let it be the fun or peace of mind or the change you needed the most through a good travel experience. And among those few places on earth where you can get them all in one place is Bali, Indonesia. This place┬áserves as a real beautiful piece of land surrounded by its great and alluring mountains and good nature,

Among all the places of visit in your checklist to bali the first one should be the ubud bali. With a mild breeze of air touching your skin when you take a walk by the Ubud village areas and watching the Sun setting down the horizon can make you forget yourself and feel absolute serenity. With its ancient heritage and rich vegetation, this piece of land is must visit and place to stay for sure at least once in a life time. Only if you stay and spend a couple of nights you can enjoy the place even more and it is so addictive that whenever you come back to your busy life you feel like going back there for a change at least once in a year.

The hotels and resorts in Ubud are world class ones and mostly are eco-friendly ones and offer a great amount of natural retreat for you with their services and beautifully surrounded by mountains. The villas over there add more to the eagerness to visit and stay in Ubud. The kind of comfort with all kinds of luxury facilities at your service makes it a typical vacation that people long for in a rural place with urban features only for comfort and nothing else.

Ubud is well accessible from Bali and hence you need to plan for a stay in Ubud prior in advance and also transportation from Bali to reach over there. fresh mountain breeze, plenty of vegetarian dishes out of naturally grown vegetables in nearby hills, along with an opportunity for adventurous activities like trekking and mountaineering in the Ubud terrains makes it suitable for vacation as a family or couple and in groups as friends too.


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