Managing Health during Travel


It is a popular opinion that health is the real wealth of an individual. People may pile up wealth but without good health it all would mean nothing. It is not that easy to maintain a good health all the time and at times for the body to balance itself might get some unavoidable diseases like common cold, head ache etc. There are times when we must definitely take care of our health to enjoy the situation such as special occasions, functions, parties, exam times and above all during a travel time to enjoy it fully.

Consulting a doctor and knowing about the health status before travelling is a wise decision. There may be health issues during travel. This risk increases when we travel with children, during pregnancy, with pre-existing illness, or if we are a senior citizen. It’s always safe to know the hospitals nearby, and knowing a doctor speaking and understanding our language in foreign countries is a great comfort. Embassy helps in locating the medical centers; they also have emergency help line number.

It is always best to get the routine vaccinations like seasonal flu vaccinations and other vaccinations or antibiotics, and medicines before travelling for the prevention of picking up of disease.

Carrying a medical card that specifies the blood group, chronic illness, allergies and etc. are good at times of emergency. Pack the medicines that you need and pack extra for being extra careful. Other things to be careful about are the food and water we consume. Being a little cautious like wearing seat belt while driving, wearing a protective gear during trekking or other adventurous activities can be really helpful. First aid supplies, prescribed medicines can be really useful in tackling unexpected situations. Using sunscreen, insect repellant and other can prevent discomfort. Also make sure to have health insurances that cover illness in foreign countries or injuries occurring during adventure activities.


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