Just the Start of Our Adventures

I was never one to travel. For most of my life, the idea of getting on an airplane scared me half to death. That all changed when I had a near death experience in a car. That’s when I realized I should be out there living my life and not letting fears rule my life. So the first thing I did was book a vacation. For my first trip, I chose Vaujany. I grew up in Vermont and have always been an avid skier, so going on a skiing holiday in the Alps was the first thing on my lengthy bucket list.

I arrived at the resort where I would be spending the week and it was like something out of a movie. There, nestled below the mountains, covered in snow, were these tidy little brown timber houses. I was enchanted. I stayed in a luxurious suite. When I walked in, there was a box of chocolates and a bottle of some rather exquisite wine. I brought my husband with me and even though he is not one for skiing, he had a fantastic time too, just relaxing by the fire and reading.

As far as the skiing, it was the best snow and the best skiing I had ever experienced in my life. I am determined to make trips to the Alps on a more frequent basis, maybe every couple of years now. My husband would like to come back during the warmer months since he is an avid mountain biker and apparently they have some of the best mountain biking trails in the world too. I guess when we come back for that, it will be a bit of role reversal and I will sit in the chalet while he goes out and has adventures, and I will not mind a bit.

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