Incredible Indonesia Travel Guide


When it comes to travelling to an island nation Indonesia is still the most preferred one and surrounded by thousands of islands the country has a lot to offer for both historical tourism and beach vacations. It is one of the oldest countries in the world and has a thick population with rich cultural heritage. When you are planning for a tour to South East Asian countries the first place on your list to see should be Indonesia and it is a very tourist friendly nation too.

It is very important to know well about a place once we decide to travel and explore them and any tour to a travel destination when the travel plan is prepared well and executed right can offer a lot of enjoyment and can result as a memorable trip for tourists. Likewise, when traveling to Indonesia it is required to know certain things like geo, language, culture, places of stay, local events, night life, entertainment activities, do’s and don’t’s, safe travel information and more as such. Since the information on the geography, language, religion, climate and ethnicity of Indonesia is already available in the web, here we discuss few things and shall provide you some travel tips on travelling around indonesia that are lesser known among first time travelers to this incredible country,

Places to See

Some of the famous places in Indonesia which are must watch based on travel interests are,

  • One should visit Sulawesi if they have interests in seeing rare animal species on earth
  • People interested in Volcanoes and volcanic lakes should visit in and around Sumatra and Java
  • Bali has some good resorts and Kuta has some exotic beaches
  • For nature lovers Sabah and West papua are ideal

Indonesian Tourist Visa

  • Indonesia is one of those few countries in this world that offers a Tourist visa on arrival and is valid for 30 days which is more than enough to stay for a while and tour the country
  • This is available at many sea ports and air ports in the nation and can be used to travel to many nearby islands too.

Personal safety

  • Though Indonesia is completely safe for tourism like any other place it is upto the individual’s responsibility to take care of their personal belongings, avoiding carrying excess amount of cash, keeping local currencies for change, booking a decent and reputed hotel for stay is also needed for safe and comfortable stay.


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