Get to Know Mon Culture as You Travel Burma

   Burma is an opulently varied country with 135 official racial groups. Now the Bamar people have the majority today and few other groups split the past significance of the Mon. The traveler who is wishing to be grateful for Burma’s culture as best they can, knowing amazing of the Mon is necessary. The Mon is one of the oldest peoples of Southeast Asia and has fun an active role in the history of the region.

It was Mon who was reached by Theravada Buddhist missionaries from Sri Lanka and so the Mon who were instrumental in serving the religion to journey; Burma and Thailand are silent Theravada Buddhist countries today. Much of Mon civilization has been digest into Burmese culture in the superseding centuries and sure aspects of Burmese custom today such as written language, strength faith and dances have particular Mon roots.

Among the people you get together when you travel, Burma’s many ethnic minorities will almost certainly be represent to some degree, but slight differences in their dress often escape the visitor. Traditional Mon dress consists of an eingyi or shirt and a wind cylindrical longyi. Mon presentations arts have enjoy a long the past of social – and more lately, somewhat following – significance, closely joined to the culture’s spirit beliefs.

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