Breathtaking visits at ‘Island country of Europe’ & ‘Youngest Country of Oceania’


Iceland is the ‘Island country of Europe’ and has an oceanic sub polar climate. Islands of Iceland are mostly volcanic and Surtsey is the youngest volcanic island and has been declared as a heritage site by UNESCO. Iceland islands are well known for their greenery lowlands and mountain biking there could be real fun. The relaxing in blue lagoons, energetic geysers, glaciers, warm mud pools and magical waterfalls make it an exciting and hot tourist spot. The breath taking view of lush green landscapes in the evenings and delightful colorful night sky has inspired traveling nature lovers, artists and photographers. Hospitality and the service provided for the tourists have made it the most preferred tourist destination.

New Zealand comprises of several islands and has two main islands such as the North and South Islands and apart from that have the Cook Islands, Camp bell Islands and many more. Due to its lush green fauna and flora New Zealand has been called as ‘Youngest Country of Oceania’ and also┬áin the world and has all the islands in New Zealand has plenty of green nature to quench the thirst of nature loving tourists. Most of the islands have waterfalls, natural warm water geysers, mud pools, green lowlands, valleys and exuberant beaches. Some of the islands host short term Olympic style winter games and many autumn events.


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