African Tour of Tanzania and Egypt – The Right Mix of History

   A trip joining Egypt and Tanzania is a ideal tour for African travel fan who are looking for the right mix to optimize their knowledge. Tanzania is the most attractive wildlife areas in the world today. And this destination has peak value game treasury and parks. As an explorer on expedition, you obtain the ideal chance to get up close with African natural world.

Either park you choose for – Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous, Grumeti, Katavi, Gombe – you are not probable to regret it. Egypt is the eastern finishing point of the Sahara desert and it has her own miracles. The Nile and the ancient landmarks are the signatures of ancient civilization. The Pharaohs left after superb temples and pyramids. They built amazing tombs in Luxor and Abu Simbel.

The Nile starts from the remote parts of African uplands, has for thousands of years given existence to Egypt by far-reaching fertilizing silts down its basin, feeding Egypt. Egypt Air and Kenya Airways are the local airlines that give the flights between these 2 countries. They flight is probable to have a stop in Nairobi, Kenya. Other airlines like Ethiopian Airlines and Air Tanzania also give out this route.

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